Framework Program. for Global Health.

West African Framework Program for Global Health is a research and training program that is
focused on global health problems in West Africa. A high proportion of countries with the poorest
health indices in the world are located in West Africa and continuing problems in the subregion
pose considerable challenge to efforts to improve the health of people living there.


Global Health Core Programs: This program has the following core areas of focus

Cancer in Africa

This program through SOCRON will work to minimize the cancer burden in society, enhance the well being and survival of people with cancer, and ensure an appropriate environment in which high-quality cancer care can be accessed and delivered...


The West African Bioethics is program for teaching, service and research in International Bioethics. It is unique because it uses the opportunity afforded by its location in West Africa to research and train in Bioethics.

Tobacco Control and Advocacy

The role of tobacco Tobacco is the biggest cause of preventable death on earth today. As shown in the picture from Colditz et al, tobacco and alcohol constitute major causes of cancer death attributable to non- genetic factors in the United States.

Communication, Strategy and Negotiations

Built Environment and Health

Nutrition and Complex Diseases

Nigerian Food Composition Database

Health and Health Research Policies

Injury and Trauma

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